2022 - 33 - End


End of the Slide (thankyouverymuch)

    Recap 2022

the shortest day demands the shortest story
unless that story is about the dark then
the longest night demands the longest story

they are now saying that people like people
because of who they are and not possibly
only because of their contributions

which makes so little sense because
that is simply not enough data to
base confident attributions otherwise

i thought that there would be fewer
things that i did not understand
at the age i have become

but the more i know the more
i come to understanding that
i know significantly nothing

privilege is a concept i cannot
comprehend because it blinds
everything in its golden pathway

who are we and who am i
in particular because
how does one get to be here

through fight and struggle
through wit and determination
to be the very best all the time

the right and the wrong
and the morally ambiguous
and the all too easily justifiable

forces us into positions to defend
for right or wrong
but we are data bound nonetheless

with the weight of history and
the weight of entire populations
we stand for what we believe

so here we are indeed
alone and all together now
this is the us we created

the longest night demands the longest story
unless this story is about the light then
the shortest day demands the shortest story

    2022 the end


Knowledge (From Where) - Attic Day 2022


From where does the art come?
    Is it a this-for-that transaction?
        or is it sometimes borne from


Is art simply an individualized form of
self expression for awkward people
to drop hints and clues of
who they really are?

There is pleasure and there are pleasures
    Experiences individualized and as
        customized as anything

Curated to within
    a gasp of life

Inspiration being something more valuable than gold

I know what it is I do
I am simply a perfectionist






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2022 - 30



who is to say that we
did not all die already
and all that remains is
stardust and light shards

but i guess that would be
what the crazy people say
the ones we ridicule
as uninformed

it is all a matter
of equilibrium and
how well we balance scales
physical and metaphorical

after all, the culture you
have created is extremely
specific and exclusive
sensitive and superior


The Camaraderie of Incredulous People

 The Camaraderie of Incredulous People

Today I am a fifty-seven-year-old half-black filipino jew male
living in the united states of america — he/him hee/haw har/har

It is the year 2022 and my country world has revealed itself
to be a failed nation planet deserving only of itself
I exist on oatmeal, coffee, tea, and index cards
I see through the knots in the knots

I exist on the blood and sweat of the youth
and on the backs and graves of ancestors


Middlespace Kingdom


There’s a dude I’ve recently noticed in the area. Sometimes sleeping sitting upright in Starbucks, sometimes hanging outside Panera Bread. But never bothering anybody. Not a peep. Not a second glance. It appears as if he has no place to stay and his stuff is meticulously sectioned into a shopping cart. He smartly stays a good one block buffer from anything residential. He is safely existing under our safe haven umbrella. He knows. He can’t even raise a voice or talk back to anyone or he’d be sent. He has to be safe. He has to fit in and be unproblematic. We’ve always had the unhoused in our midst. Always. But very few get to stay for too long. Goddamn, do I feel for the man, these people. This very well could be any of us. I have so much empathy but…what on earth can I do, slip them twenties? The bad people say, run them out of town. The good people say fund the support services. Nobody says buy them a sandwich or a cup of coffee. But what could I do? I’m just trying to survive too. So, I always make eye contact and I say hello with this gentleman. No disrespect. He knows very well I can’t do anything for him but maybe he appreciates the earnest hello. He has seen it all. He sees it all.




2022 - 28


La Rosas Para Tu Mama

La Rosas Para Tu Mama
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This horrible side of me
borne of traumas ancient
and mostly self-imposed
is not the side I ever intended
to be in the documentary

A brand so well conceived
and performed that the
bit was bought long ago
when it was off off Broadway
featuring unknowns for scale

Old like the poetic trope
about life being some sort
of maze that one must
navigate in order to survive
this burning garbage barge

As with many amputees
there remains a keen
sensation of the missing
pieces feeling exactly as
they always should


Field Mowing Day 2022 (October 04, 2022)

the things people
make precious so
that they can
create self identity

for me it
was always making
myself precious first
despite other considerations

i’m the hero
in this story
not focused on
my own greatness

the world will
discover and bear
witness in the
shadows of masters


Field Mowing Day 2022 (October 04, 2022)


Field Mowing Day 2022 (October 04, 2022)

corners and edges

reassessing all notions

taking peeks from peaks

discover meaning

from your important people


nothing is special

i am not a fun person

these are some lessons

finding powers in

giving all powers away

is so powerful

just who are these people

and how did they get this way

i often wonder


Field Mowing Day 2022 (October 04, 2022)


Field Mowing Day 2022 (October 04, 2022)


Field Mowing Day
and nights filled by
darkness ever increasing

Slides only go downward
because physics and such
it is easier that way

All dimensions torn into two
because that is exactly what
field mowing is all about

The explorations and
reconciliations of all the
thresholds and boundaries




We live in complicated times in a complicated world
Where in an effort to make things easier everything is consequentially more difficult

Atmospheric pressure from all sides equally and persistently
Causing so much stress on systems (revealed to be more fragile than advertised)

That an organic shutdown occurs where flight become fight
And fight becomes self-inflicted performative trauma pornography

Solids turning into gasses and gasses evaporating into liquids
For the socials and for the antisocials alike but I digress…

We live in a complicated world in complicated times
Where in an effort to make everything happen nothing will ever happen

2022 - 25



The Burden of Superiority


This is a Very Deep Place

On one hand you do know that everything will be fine
(it is important to keep this on loop until believed)

Oh, no, believe me, this is a really odd thing for me too
(and it’s actually really embarrassing)

After all I have already proven to be the very best
(historically the strongest of all)

I know my legend I know my worth I know my value
(there is a certain burden of superiority)


I guess it all comes down to having certain basic needs met
And attitudes matching behaviors as the psychologists say

                feeling loved


I have held it in for so long that letting it all go is new and frightening
A thimbleful of brain chemicals slightly but perceivably off kilter

                Maybe I finally actually broke it
                    the damn finally burst
                    it’s a passing of a baton
                    it's an end game thought processes
                    I have reached a logical conclusion


Maybe it is possible to give everything away and be left with nothing
(but that’s how we build the world we always wanted)

Maybe one can replace oneself and no longer have any self
(a self-inflicted self-retirement program or sorts)

Ok, are we done with this nonsense yet?
(this is way too dramatic and self-sabotaging)

Now…let’s find our way back to where we belong
(greatness personified)




2022 - 24


Reissue Friday: The Modicum of Decorum


The Musical Innards of Jazz
Spaceman Named God
Sisko Kid
With My Love
California Report
Fidelity to the Regime
We Learn Slow
Bad Motherfucker
All is Bright
Musical Innards (Reprise)


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Tripgrass Live

Tripgrass Live
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