"For their materials, for the art world, for school, for the macrocosm of art school. I mean, schools to show you how to be an artist? What the hell is that?"

"The artists I like are the ones who have done their work in secret who have been secretly and quietly doing something. They have work that would be difficult to sell or even show -- they have that have to go into people's secret diaries and get them to show you things they're afraid to show."

-Joseph Mills


Sometimes in dreams, do you take on other physical properties. Are you ever made of a variety of plastics?


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Senate Study Explains Spike in Oil Prices

do you remember my ramblings back in the corner days about the "great petroleum wars?" about how the oil companies would become the government - distinctions blurred.

you know, back in the days when we believed we predicted the future.


Welcome to the White House

Perfect Pornography

Propaganda Perpetrators

Pandering Profits