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Daze: So, you went to Columbia. As a proud Cornellian, I have to ask, did you not get in to Cornell?

Greg Giraldo: [Laughs] No, at that point the suicide rate was staggeringly high at Cornell and I just thought I’d rather stay alive, so I opted to stay down here.

I'm not the big RIP type. I fully recognize that people die all the time. Shit, I'm going to die someday too, and probably at a time and by a method of my choosing. I'm no death denier but every now and then I get a bit messed up when someone dies.

I don't know Greg Giraldo but sometimes we connect with people based on very limited information. Chemistry. Knowledge based on glints in eyes. Or the tr00f from the words that come out of their own mouths.

I don't know Greg Giraldo but I know Greg Giraldo. He's all of my friends. He's me. He's you; trying hard despite yourself. I don't believe he wanted to die but sometimes the terrorists win. I get it and it kind of sucks because his death is a big ass funhouse mirror in which we all stare.



I just accidentally cross-contaminated Skittles® and M&Ms® which are very different things.

First hacked out of Facebook and now this?

[See?! I just ate a stale M&M whilst expecting a Skittle.  Brain-confounding.]

Oh and I spilled the remainder of my coffee onto the latest copy (October 4) of the The New Yorker.

Brief Return to Recurring Yet More Complicated Subject


A Human Weakness for Sex Organs of Flora

Scott (Historical Novelist)

#6,066: S-s-s-something from the Emailings

Whilst I was listening to Ween's "L.M.L.Y.P." with headphones on today an emailing arrived over the interweb asking me why a particular link of mine was not working. I fixed the link, thanks.

It was in reference to "Track Three" ("Sofey") of the album linked here: [Clicky]  Something I made but long ago forgot about OF COARSE (sic) DOYE!™

Maybe I got the TGA or something. My brain looks like this:


Beginning/End of An Arc (Lunacy)

All Things Must Pass, Or, Follow the Double Yellow Line

I'm almost 45 years-old and I know some things.  And though I'd like to think of myself as a fairly quick, hip, and knowledgeable person, I also recognize that I can be especially slow with many, many things. Some of these things, as it turns out, are really important.

Today's really important thing that I now realize that I have been really slow to absorb is George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. I know....

I apologize to everyone who ever believed in me in large or small ways. I am so sorry. I accept full responsibility. Mistakes were made.

In an effort to save some face here, keep in mind that had I discovered All Things when I was all things Beatles at the age of 16, the album would have a context and history that it does not today as I listen to it fresh over and over. This 40 year-old album is basically out-of-the-cellophane new to me.

Yes.  I do know some of the songs from the record. Song. My Sweet Lord. I've long appreciated that song since forever but it never roped me in. These things happen. It's like the Electric Flag. It took some time but I got there.

Yes. I do have friends who have insisted that I listen to the record. Tom Glidden was the first in 1982. but I can be mopetardedly obstinate. A personality shortcoming, for sure. But, like I said, I'm here now. And I brought an open bag of  chips and a five pack.

I just happened to catch a portion of Beware of Darkness this week on a podcast and I was floored at the three-second point. The track that cut my heart out and served it to me on a cracker. Downloading immediately ensued. I have to find a vinyl copy as soon as I can.

And what does All Things Must Pass have to do with the price of tea in Kashmir? Everything, don, aren't you listening? I was just discussing "the few and far between transformative albums" with the good Rev. Richie Scratchy on Thursday. We agreed on some things in this regard. And this happened. No gods, no luck, just pure and simple universe.

I get it. I know what is happening. I've been here before. I am appreciative for all the future-gifting. I am grateful for the signs. I am humbled by all of you.

"We have some plans."


Always Anew Again - Introducing Frank (And the Frank Zone)

This is my friend Frank. This is Frank's studio called EvilTwin studio. I last recorded with Frank or in Frank's studio in 2000. I've worked with Frank's son too. Recently I got a call. Frank wants to make a new album. He has the itch. And he wants me to produce and play on his new album.

I went over to discuss this possibility and hear some sketches for the songs on Frank's new album. After deciding we're on the same page, philosophically, I decided I like the possibilities of Frank's new album so I'm producing and playing with Frank on Frank's new album. I have some ideas.

Even better, some drum equipment that I long declared long lost (cymbals and stands both replaceable and not) have been at Frank's this past decade. I've been searching long and hard for cymbals that sound exactly like the two that have been vacationing at Frank's studio for the past 10 years. I almost cried when I walked in the drum and percussion closet and found these two cymbals; my cymbals. I've been at Frank's house since 2000, too, but never bothered to ask. The other hardware I recovered is all idiosyncratic tour-toughened (and marked) equipment unlike the cheapo music store junk I replaced them with. As some of you can understand, this is all very, very good.

I am feeling very fortunate right now.

Hurray all around and thank you Frank. Thank you universe. And so it continues.


Super Harvest

Raison d'être

The urge to make art is far more powerful than any kind of rule, regulation, or norm against doing it.

...what I've been trying to say for 30+ years. Hey, Rickey? You asked what's next?

Sidewalk Equinox

[ ••• ]


Pascual & Keiko - Part 8

-- fin --

Work Harder Get Better

Act large be large
Work harder get better

Sage advice from wizened men
Like Ralph's formula from the day
Amid accusations of false eccentricities

As part of a bigger more complicated act
By a Misstra Know-it-all type who
Recognize the ancestral cues
That free us from evil
Process provide us

Daisy Cold (Fusion) Chillin'

The dog-pet of a physicist, OF COARSE (sic) DOY!™



Date: September 15, 2010
To: Tie Hariweigh
From: Rikkee Pawl

Subject: Happy Field Mowing Day

Happy Field Mowing Day, mofo! It's time to mow the field again! Bless.

What, it's September 15th? It's September? It's 2010? I'm alive? What?!


Yes, Middlespace Cadets, it is Field Mowing Day again; part Renaissance Faire, part Hillbilly Happy Smash, part Kresge Day, and part Puerto Rican. Field Mowing Day is everything you want Field Mowing Day to be, so enjoy it (because, by design, Field Mowing Day is easy to enjoy).

Field Mowing Day Special Shout-out Section:
Big Dave Wave
The Otter Prince
Loose Duke
Camp Cookie
Uncle Don
That Adam Kid who never played bass for us
Forziati, Rom, and A.L. Al C.
And all the rest of the Middlespace Cadets Racing Team & Volunteer Fire Watch Corps
Thanks for the Field Mowing Day reminder and blessing, Rikkee (this and every year)! I hope your job lets you off early on Field Mowing Day observed so you can grill some kielbasa or go to Junior's Chicken or do something special for yourself.

Happy Field Mowing Day to all and to all a Happy Field Mowing Day!


Spares & Strikes

This is the New T Party


DSF #1 - Autumn Leaves