"Down To My Last Two Cents" by Ty Hardaway on September 13, 2010

So in my notebook this morning I am noticing all these words from the weekend. Most of these words--written in tiny moments between larger moments--are reflections and Web log posting drafts with regard to this whole 9/11™ business. It begins with me alluding that I always have to be the one to state the obvious. The hubris of me thinking I know all things.

Sure, I hate it when notions I consider to be the tr00f remain unspoken--especially around what I drafted as, "naval-gaze moping over this 9/11™ business"--but who am I to say shit about shit? Again with the hubris, right? As I've said before (and actually believe), everyone has a different truth. I cannot live in the skin and synapses of anyone else.

There you have it, people. Opinions! I have opinions, you have opinions. Everybody believes their opinions to be the very best opinions ever know to the human history of opinions. Opinions are shouted from mountaintops and from the angry fringes. Opinions are like stars in space.

But the more I listen to other people's opinions and notions and ideas, the more I realize that my number one fundamental personality flaw is my natural tendency to interject my damn two cents into things; to set records straight. To one up. To know more. Who fucking cares? I am not the answer. I am not the law. I am not the smartest person in the room. I am just another person filling time before death like all the rest of y'all. Period.

I know who I am and I have great confidence in what and who that person is. Most of you know who I am or, at least, you believe you do. And that is fine. I am everything that I want to be. I am everything you want me to be. But mostly I am coming to believe that I am just tired of adding part of a horrible fray of noise, space filling "debate," and bullshit know-it-all-ness that is simply uninteresting and, you know what, unimportant in the larger schemes. I have said my piece in nearly 7,000 Web log postings. Reiterations of reiterations just get boring and obnoxious.

Try this today: listen around you. What are people talking about in elevators and in lunchrooms? What about on the Interwebs? Hear that? Why even take the bait to enter these discussions when you will only regret it in your dark hours because you really did not give a shit-fuck anyhow. Whoa, huh? That's some crazy shit.

On the other hand, why hate on people with thoughts that aren't like you very own. Diversity is a bitch in terms of belief and opinion. I will see if I can deal with that simple tr00f. People are just sometimes different than each other.

It's 2010 and I have things to make. Sometimes you get tired of hearing your own protestations. I ain't in the business of telling you what you need to think. Figure that stuff out your damn self.

Peace out-don't stroke out, I've said more than my share.