Always Anew Again - Introducing Frank (And the Frank Zone)

This is my friend Frank. This is Frank's studio called EvilTwin studio. I last recorded with Frank or in Frank's studio in 2000. I've worked with Frank's son too. Recently I got a call. Frank wants to make a new album. He has the itch. And he wants me to produce and play on his new album.

I went over to discuss this possibility and hear some sketches for the songs on Frank's new album. After deciding we're on the same page, philosophically, I decided I like the possibilities of Frank's new album so I'm producing and playing with Frank on Frank's new album. I have some ideas.

Even better, some drum equipment that I long declared long lost (cymbals and stands both replaceable and not) have been at Frank's this past decade. I've been searching long and hard for cymbals that sound exactly like the two that have been vacationing at Frank's studio for the past 10 years. I almost cried when I walked in the drum and percussion closet and found these two cymbals; my cymbals. I've been at Frank's house since 2000, too, but never bothered to ask. The other hardware I recovered is all idiosyncratic tour-toughened (and marked) equipment unlike the cheapo music store junk I replaced them with. As some of you can understand, this is all very, very good.

I am feeling very fortunate right now.

Hurray all around and thank you Frank. Thank you universe. And so it continues.