All Things Must Pass, Or, Follow the Double Yellow Line

I'm almost 45 years-old and I know some things.  And though I'd like to think of myself as a fairly quick, hip, and knowledgeable person, I also recognize that I can be especially slow with many, many things. Some of these things, as it turns out, are really important.

Today's really important thing that I now realize that I have been really slow to absorb is George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. I know....

I apologize to everyone who ever believed in me in large or small ways. I am so sorry. I accept full responsibility. Mistakes were made.

In an effort to save some face here, keep in mind that had I discovered All Things when I was all things Beatles at the age of 16, the album would have a context and history that it does not today as I listen to it fresh over and over. This 40 year-old album is basically out-of-the-cellophane new to me.

Yes.  I do know some of the songs from the record. Song. My Sweet Lord. I've long appreciated that song since forever but it never roped me in. These things happen. It's like the Electric Flag. It took some time but I got there.

Yes. I do have friends who have insisted that I listen to the record. Tom Glidden was the first in 1982. but I can be mopetardedly obstinate. A personality shortcoming, for sure. But, like I said, I'm here now. And I brought an open bag of  chips and a five pack.

I just happened to catch a portion of Beware of Darkness this week on a podcast and I was floored at the three-second point. The track that cut my heart out and served it to me on a cracker. Downloading immediately ensued. I have to find a vinyl copy as soon as I can.

And what does All Things Must Pass have to do with the price of tea in Kashmir? Everything, don, aren't you listening? I was just discussing "the few and far between transformative albums" with the good Rev. Richie Scratchy on Thursday. We agreed on some things in this regard. And this happened. No gods, no luck, just pure and simple universe.

I get it. I know what is happening. I've been here before. I am appreciative for all the future-gifting. I am grateful for the signs. I am humbled by all of you.

"We have some plans."