Another Brilliant & Genius™ Schiavo Friday

There was distinctly something I wanted to write about today. I was flipping it over in my brain this morning while I was tooling around in the kitchen getting breakfast and lunch ready. I remember that I suggested to my cognitive self that I really should jot this particular thought down for fear of forgetting it entirely. But I'm still a cocky enough old bastard to pretend that I can remember everything like I used to (could). Fuck a TGA! Well, I do remember that I pleaded with my own damn self to write that particular (brilliant & genius™) thought down for later (brilliant & genius™) utilization. Another dumbass classic memory device failure. What do you expect at this point? If I had any (brilliant & genius™) __________, I'd be a __________ by now.

I still do not remember what that damn thing I was supposed to write about was. Granted it has been a distracting week because of shit that's not interesting enough to type about (is it Monday or is it Friday though?); circumstances! But there's still no excuse for hubris. No excuses for execution errors. No excuses for excuses. Excuses just cause trouble. Write shit down when you think about them, self. When in doubt, write it out.

So I've decided to quit; I'm shutting off the burners. So much to do and I'm quitting...only makes sense. It's part of the big plan. Music to make, photos to make, money and notoriety to make, so many things to make. Meh, I'm quitting. Oh don't fool yourself into believing that I'm quitting-quitting. I'm just taking the rest of this week off (the hour and a half I have remaining to my own faulty thoughts) because it's too late for the type of traction I seek. Traction is all I need. An inkling. A toehold. After all, it is autumn which is a time to create. Either that or it's all over and I should really take night accounting classes. Who the hell knows?

I mostly need to write shit down since my memory eludes. Write shit down.... There's a (brilliant & genius™) notion. Glad I wrote it down (but I'll never read it though).

Motivation is easy. Inspiration is easy. I can't throw my bowling ball without hitting inspiration or motivation. My select and hand-picked friends and associates and co-conspirators are selected and hand-picked by the universe for particular and necessary reasons. I think they're all here to motivate and inspire me but what do I know? Why they're my friends is a whole unexplored category that I'd rather not ponder now. That question can remain unanswered until sometime later.

[Quick story: Here's what my 8-year-old progeny said yesterday about something, "I am very selective." I had to give her large "props" for such universal recognition]

Shit?! Was it something about race? Politics? Art & aesthetic? Religion? Human interactions? Music? I don't remember what it was I wanted to write about today. I should have written that down.