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Daze: So, you went to Columbia. As a proud Cornellian, I have to ask, did you not get in to Cornell?

Greg Giraldo: [Laughs] No, at that point the suicide rate was staggeringly high at Cornell and I just thought I’d rather stay alive, so I opted to stay down here.

I'm not the big RIP type. I fully recognize that people die all the time. Shit, I'm going to die someday too, and probably at a time and by a method of my choosing. I'm no death denier but every now and then I get a bit messed up when someone dies.

I don't know Greg Giraldo but sometimes we connect with people based on very limited information. Chemistry. Knowledge based on glints in eyes. Or the tr00f from the words that come out of their own mouths.

I don't know Greg Giraldo but I know Greg Giraldo. He's all of my friends. He's me. He's you; trying hard despite yourself. I don't believe he wanted to die but sometimes the terrorists win. I get it and it kind of sucks because his death is a big ass funhouse mirror in which we all stare.