Date: September 15, 2010
To: Tie Hariweigh
From: Rikkee Pawl

Subject: Happy Field Mowing Day

Happy Field Mowing Day, mofo! It's time to mow the field again! Bless.

What, it's September 15th? It's September? It's 2010? I'm alive? What?!


Yes, Middlespace Cadets, it is Field Mowing Day again; part Renaissance Faire, part Hillbilly Happy Smash, part Kresge Day, and part Puerto Rican. Field Mowing Day is everything you want Field Mowing Day to be, so enjoy it (because, by design, Field Mowing Day is easy to enjoy).

Field Mowing Day Special Shout-out Section:
Big Dave Wave
The Otter Prince
Loose Duke
Camp Cookie
Uncle Don
That Adam Kid who never played bass for us
Forziati, Rom, and A.L. Al C.
And all the rest of the Middlespace Cadets Racing Team & Volunteer Fire Watch Corps
Thanks for the Field Mowing Day reminder and blessing, Rikkee (this and every year)! I hope your job lets you off early on Field Mowing Day observed so you can grill some kielbasa or go to Junior's Chicken or do something special for yourself.

Happy Field Mowing Day to all and to all a Happy Field Mowing Day!