"I've liked taking drugs for a good long while and it's pretty much always, apart from the few freakouts, been really valuable on the level of this kind of responsiveness to place.... Of course, you can just mess it up. I'm quite drawn to the confusion that drug use can lead to.... That in itself provides insight into a contemporary malaise."

-Geoff Dyer
The birds are starting to come back. And thank goodness too.

As kids in business suits talk into their hands. An audience indifferent.

Inspiration found in dreams and the middlespaces of not-quite-wakeful moments.

Spring is, well, springing fourth. Slowly, at first, but then at an unbelievable pace.

I kiss the ground I stand upon in thanks for my unbelievable luck and the goodness thrust upon me.


After all, George Washington was a skilled equestrian. Jefferson called him the best horseman of his age.


I've been thinking about this for a while

As I drive home, crossing Falls

Democracy becoming Glen

The ancient tombstones peripherally left

Look amazingly like children playing in a park

Never ceases to amaze