I'm starting to become emboldened again.

[ween's "puffy cloud"]
Welcome to today’s Culture War Update

In this round, it’s once again the faithful vs. (versus?) the informed

Both teams are enlightened; only one set in the Truth

The King will return, but that return will likely be leisurely

Music, field mowing and lots of feisty antics

Geopolitics, corporate greed and paranoia

Highlights from today’s battles (we’re 3-for-4 this week):

After making headlines in San Francisco and Massachusetts, and New Mexico the national debate over gay marriage migrated today to a smaller stage, the Hudson Valley community of New Paltz north of New York City…

Faced with a refusal by the Bush administration to provide certain documents related to prewar intelligence on Iraq, the Senate intelligence committee voted in a closed session on Thursday to move toward a possible subpoena…

The federal appeals court here [SF] has refused to reconsider its ruling that allows Californians to grow and use marijuana to treat their illnesses...

The House approved a measure on Thursday that would make it a separate offense to harm the fetus while committing a violent crime against a pregnant woman, overcoming objections that the legislation was intended to undermine abortion rights…


4:47 a.m.

crying baby

howling cat

coughing daddy

snoring mom


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Now that all the baggage has worn off, I can definitely say that Vota Asi is one of the very finest Kingdom of Leisure tracks.

Credit where credit is due though; fate played a significant hand in its creation, at least from the production side. Actually, from what I remember, fate was a huge part of the performance side too. It sounds like they knew what the hell they were doing. Maybe they did. Accidental? Who's to say?

Nuances. Touches. I happened across it bookended by the Beatles Norwegian Wood and Soundgarden's Dusty.

In fact, and I just realized this, the whole tKoL experience was all a big "future gift." It's like they went forward in time, five ten or more years and left little gifts (or mines or pointers or whatever), but it ceases to amaze that when you're lost, there are these pointers to help out along the way.

What is it parents are taught to say, "you may not like it now, but investing in your education now will pay off in the future." Some shit like that. Well, if you break ass and spend a couple of years making stuff, then dispersing it into the universe, it'll all come raining down some day.

Vota Asi

So you're too cool for romance
just get some on the side
I'm a peace loving man but you made the wrong woman cry

Think you can just walk in walk out
Snakes in the house snakes in the grass
And you thought I was joking when I said I'd kick your ass

She ain't no toy she's family
you should have left her all alone
Well you're a bad motherfucker but you're a long way from home

So you're still looking in bushes
for what you got right in your hand
blowing at boulders kicking at quicksand

We'll you messed with the wrong tribe
when you said you had to go
Well this is her consolation prize sideshow Romeo


World War III

Petroleum war? Nope. Culture war.

"President Bush wants to see the controversial new film, "The Passion of the Christ," his spokesman said Friday."

"At least a half-dozen gay and lesbian couples waited outside the Sandoval County courthouse after county clerk Victoria Dunlap began issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples."

So what?

"The president will seat Mr. Pryor, who has gained prominence as an outspoken opponent of legalized abortion and as an advocate for a greater Christian influence in government, on the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, the officials said."

"Madison, Maine -- Tired of the same old Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts? The Madison Planning Board tonight takes up a man's application to open a topless coffee shop on Main Street."

So what?
DJ Richie-Scratchy:

Maybe it is the guitars. "Mendota" just popped up. Not only are the notes perfectly spaced, but the pace is something akin to heaven. Nothing rushed but nothing lagging.

You kinda gotta figger.


Dear Dan,

I have entered a revival period in my love-hate relationship with singles - I'm a album guy. This morning I have to reach out to you to thank you for personal spiritual revival and inspiration. This morning, while swimming in the ecstasy of the iPod all-song shuffle, the most beautiful song I've ever heard/experienced played (10/2,014). Fuck me if it wasn't My Oh My from Wintertime.

Thank you for joy. Of course, I now have to question all previous notions of wonderment and musical perfections. I wonder aloud how foolish I have been in thinking that I could contribute to an already complete body of historical and psychic art. That song wounded me pretty hard. If I didn't love you, I would punch you in the shoulder.

Again, thanks.

(I think, but of course, I am not positive, nothing scientific, but I think that maryjane had something to do with its popularity.)


I am sitting on the 2nd floor of the lovely Bethesda Corporate offices (my reference to "here" meant here in lovely corporate Bethesda). Strategizing. Planning. Cognitively playing chess with "the powers." Currently, I am pretty even but on a positive streak. I sometimes feel that I'm a character in 1984 or the film Brazil.

Informal members of the intellectual/progressive underground - IPU - number around a dozen. They include people from Chicago, Cambridge, Bethesda, telecommuters and a couple of very senior people. These are the truth seekers and the problem solvers. I consult with a couple of very long term, former employees ("former" is key because they feel they can tell all) and have willing internal consultants who are wonderful collaborators.

I don't know Dave, but if you say he's a cell, so be it. I am sure there are many. My goal is to create links and working relationships with several. One big success is that Dan and I control a large chunk of the information processing and have input into more.

I think during the Nixon administrations they were called the Plumbers - or the Committee to Re-elect the President.

I was fairly certain our garbage trucks wouldn't make it today given the ice storm. I didn't even take the can out. But, there they were, Donald and Enrique, waving at Brennan* and tooting the horn. They are amazing fellows.

With a little shared vision, we can make great changes. I am sure NSA will interpret this as all some sort of code.