Now We're Slowly Slipping Into The Darkness

Point & shoot Rockin' it in Post

People upload their moon and sunset photos for the world to see and awe (ahhh) upon but these people don't have the post-production equipment or skillsets to finish the job which is too bad because I generally love their moon and sunset photographs but I cry Real Art School Tears over the digital noise remnants left by their point & shoot cameras because they are distracting from the composition and the the pro cameras eliminate this "noise" but the point & shoots don't so you have to suck the image files into some software and do the old Ansel Adams lab job on them and make 'em all "purty" and real-real and such but these photographs are barely retouched except for the removal of that distracting digital noise remnants so I guess I got the upper hand on some things actually because I found these shots on a point & shoot camera in my house that I forgot I took and posted them here for you to enjoy with me without the digital noise remnants and such thanks because I really like photographs of the moon and sky as you obviously know already.