Today I Saw The Best Thing Ever

I'm sitting at a stoplight waiting for the left turn arrow to legally allow me to proceed in a leftward direction.

I'm watching the traffic pass. It's a thing I do. I see my very favorite thing in the road. A plastic grocery bag. I'm totally zoning on it floating around the intersection as cars whiz by. It's like that video of that bag in American Beauty. Dang if I don't love that scene. And don't think for a moment if that scene didn't have an impact on my life. Forget? Here: [clicky]

Anyway, I'm watching that shit and the beauty and the grace is evident. So many close calls. Cars drive by and it floats inches above, catches the next draft and floats -- largely in place in the middle of that intersection -- and floats and floats. Cars drive by, dozens of 'em. A sight.

Then a black SUV enters the intersection and the bag catches on the roof rack. Oddly fitting. Oddly not ironic.

Oil begets oil. Kills it dead.