A Note on Professionalism

I have seen a million bands in my time. In fact, I have even been in several hundred thousand bands as a performaer. But I witnessed something that gave my obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) soul a long, loving hug. The Raconteurs technical crew, you know them as "roadies," have little "uniforms." Not t-shirts or polo shirts, not jumpsuits. Fedoras, charcoal shirts and trousers, some have vests and some have suit jackets. I imagine there is a subtle hierarchy.

Aside from being a music and arts guy (and believe me this is 9/10s theatrics), I'm also a branding guy. I've done corporate branding for years. I understand brand and perception. Yes, your roadies are an extension of the brand. The road crew tell a story about your operations.

These beautiful Oompa-Loompas say that this organization has it's shit together. This organization is goddamned constipated. From the roadies upward, the band as branded itself as cool, competent, and professional. It's much the same vibe that Jack White has surrounding the White Stripes touring party.

And, I fucking love it.