Taking the Bait on McClellan

OK, so I've been involved in a bunch of personal electronical mailings with regard to Scotty McClellan and his little book, book tour, and all around criticisms of his former boss, the president George W. Bush and Mr. Bush's whole administration.

I had indicated that I wasn't going to take the bait and comment because as far as I'm concerned Scotty Mac is still one of the bad guys. He's stating that there were "deliberate misstatements" and such. The word is "liar." Liars all. Did he just come to Jesus or something? Why now? How many U.S. soldiers died since he helped propagate this lie? Is Jesus gonna bring them back? You feel better now, Scott? Huh?

You had your chance and you blew it. It is too late for forgiveness. I already know the Bush administration is a crooked cadre of insane liars. How do I know? I have eyes, ears, and a brain. Walks and talks and craps like a duck, Scotty. If you wanted to be the American Hero®, you should have why stood at the WH press room lectern and said "You know what? They all lie like rugs in here. I don't believe a word and neither should you." You had 50 cameras and all of America's news trained at you and you didn't say anything. Make them drag you out, hero.

As one of my bestest friends says about this, "Yup. Fuck him. He made America worse." Made America worse. Hear that? Worse. Not better. Worse.

Wanna make up for your sins? Turn yourself in to the FBI for treason, son.

Bait taken. Reel me in.