Yeah I Know
Yeah I know I know
I am the odd one out here
As accustomed as I am to this fact
I am still always surprised to be surprised
about fundamental differences

The obvious differences are startling enough
but there is a strong hypothesis that
the deeper we dive the deeper the depths
Manifestations present themselves through observation
and through interaction with acquaintance and stranger

I have grown to embrace a sincere satisfaction
with knowing that I have a sincere satisfaction
with the creation and the curation
External accolade always suspiciously flattering
when all that exists are shortcomings unremedied

Audiences are notoriously fickle and compelled to
self typecast as kingmaker and destroyer now
Everyone looking to each other for gush or shock clues
Simultaneous echoes of grey noise broadcast
through mobile portals of time addiction and pacification

Indeed with are all special little snowflakes
No two could ever be the same but an overwhelming
majority are basically similar versions of common
fundamentally underdeveloped malformations
Yeah I know I know