People are looking to me for some sort
of comment and I really don’t have one

I cannot tell anyone how to feel or what
to think about things wonderful or horrible

I can only feel what I am feeling and
devise ways to deal with my realities

I do know how I will behave in the short term
and that is to behave as I have always

Yes I do have opinions and ideas and plans
but I do not yet have a comment


I have experienced pendulum swings before
I will experience pendulum swings again

To some the rarity of the unicorn
is reason to preserve – a treasure

To some the rarity of the unicorn
is reason to hunt – a trophy

All eyes up front
All hands on deck


I have a pain in my gut now
My instinct is wounded
My fight or flight is activated
I carry a bigger target

I feel displaced
on a precipice
vulnerable to forces
irrationally paranoid

These are the secrets
inside my pocket
safe for now
if not forever

Because I walk on both
sides of the gun
Because I work on both
sides of the aisle

As often as I tell everyone
everything will be alright
I sometimes need someone to
tell me that I will be too