Legs Breaking (exposición individual)
I. I am curious if a border exists between where the performance ends and the actual life begins. What an odd place that must be. Very much like that dark musty shadow-space just off stage next to a sixty year-old curtain. No cast, no crew. That border is purgatory in so many ways.

II. Anyone who demonstrates too much knowledge of self or who suspiciously feigns any knowledge of self is more than likely putting on a little show. This tiny play may not even be for you or any external audiences.

III. Time and over time only; bits come and go with and all that time. Bits are learned. Bits are earned. Honed. Rehearsed. Workshopped. Scrapped and reassembled. Deconstructed and reconstructed.

IV. It is not the overlapping of bits that create the problems. It is the overlapping of audiences that create the problems. Work your performances but mind your audiences.