Book Notes

First of all, thanks for buying my new book, An Historic Record. You know who you are. And as I mentioned before, if you purchase the hardcover edition with dust jacket you'd get a bonus poem and the forward.

Some of you purchased the softcover and the imagewrap versions and got squat. But just for you, and because I'm that kind of person, here's said forward as my personal thanks (and if you haven't purchased the book yet...a thousand shames, I buy your crap).

Oh, that bonus forward:
"You are an asshole! Oh, you might say, 'I didn't take most of the photos for An Historic Record.' Well guess what, jackass? It doesn't matter because you're not a photographer. You've said it yourself a million times. The artistic product is Ty Hardaway (tm).

Now, imagine yourself in a room full of photos of you with your own commentary about your life printed on them and you waltzing around the room passing out written "notes" and being generally inscrutable. Forget the photos.

Strangers will be jealous of you and will wonder why they're wasting their own lives so cheaply.


- Richard Walkling, June 2008

And the bonus poem, from 2002: [clicky]