The Internet Age

So, I took everyone's advice and picked this one gallery where I want to show some of my stuff and they had these specifications to follow for electronic (that's E-mail, folks) submissions. I prepared a bunch of stuff to submit. Spent half a day at it. I even played it straight and wrote an "exhibition narrative" and an "artist's statement" and all this shit. I got it all together and collected and zipped my samples and stuff. I sent it on the computers!

God bless the internet age!

I got a very nice reply really quickly that, well, they haven't really updated their website in a while and stuff and they no longer kind of take electronic submissions but, hey, they look forward to meeting me and receiving my submission by "snail mail" (people still say that?) or my drop-off submission. Oh, OK. I'll, uh.... I'll.... Thank you for the note, I wrote. Like I'm ever going to get around to repackaging all of this for a drive-by.

God damn the internet age!