With Commentary

Charm. Charisma. It never, ever, ever gets old and it will never, ever, ever go out of style. Not only was this woman sitting with her sig-oth (just out of the frame to the right) minding her own business, but dude rolled up in an electric wheelchair. And, just look at how much play he's getting. Look closely, he's on fire! It's his eyes. He didn't say one word to her sig-oth either, I don't think he even looked her way. It was almost like he dared her pansy, late-20s sig-oth to intervene in his scene. He just wheeled up to her dog, petted it and immediately went into action. She was hesitant at first but look, he's owning her, isn't he? But when you have this kind of magic, what can the world do? Not a goddamn thing. That's what. He's an hypnotist, obviously. I wish I could have heard what he said.

This is the male praying mantis. He will die after he has sex for the first time, sex with the much larger, much more aggressive female mantis. And you know what? He's a guy, he just doesn't care. It's worth it to him. He has a place, he has a role. No wining/whining or dining. No house hunting. No table manners. He never has to shop for a minivan. Just sex and death. Strolls up and says in his mantis way, "What's up, I'm ready?" The male praying mantis has a perfect, short life.