Alma Mater

In today's email I received the school song--the Alma Mater--for Columbus, Georgia's Hardaway High School:
The Hardaway High School Alma Mater

In halls of learning, friendship flows,
Voices swell for all to know.
Our Alma Mater stands above,
Guiding all with love.

To show the way t'ward goals so high,
Our Golden Banner waves,
Sing praises of her glory - HARDAWAY!

Cute, huh? It's funny, because I was just thinking of my old Fight Song, from Claremont High School of Claremont, California (91711, represent! All I remember from my Alma Mater is something like, "Now to thee, Alma Mater, our heart go out in praise..."or some shit.

The fight song was sung to the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March:
The Claremont Hight School Fight Song from the early 80s

Beer-beer for Old Claremont High
You bring the whiskey, I'll bring the rye
Send the freshmen out for gin
Don't let a sober sophomore in
Juniors will stumble, seniors will fall
Then we'll get drunk on wood alcohol
'Till the loyal faculty come staggering back for more
Seriously, this was our actual fight song, all about getting hammered. We sung it in rallys and shit. Your classmates would yell and scream when the song got to your class ("juniors!!"). As you would guess, it was changed a few years after I graduated. I was (and wasn't) surprised that they changed it to, "Cheer-Cheer!"

Sing praises of her glory - HARDAWAY!