Ask Ty...July 15

It must be Tuesday, Middlespacers, because I'm answering your questions

Q: Brilliant photos from this weekend, Ty. The "Vince" pics are great. Really. My question(s): How do you find so much dead stuff? And I can't believe you happened upon baptisms in the river - how do you get so lucky?

- Eliza, DC

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Eliza. I try really hard to do the very best work I can. Really I do. It's because I have the love for all of you and all that you do (????). How's that?

Vince just happened to be where Vince was, I wasn't shooting for Vince at first, but then it became obvious what was happening. Sometimes artistic threads develop themselves -- organically. Good for Vince and better for me. I mean if you're hanging out at a little girl's 6th birthday party, then you are susceptible of being captured drinking your demon hops. But what else are you going to do, play tea party with 'em or shriek with delight because you got a(nother) vat of glitter (and what girl doesn't just love herself a new GlitterKeg®)?

Okay, your questions: How do I find so much dead stuff? I don't find dead stuff. Dead stuff finds me! It's just there. Dead is all around us, everyone. It's the other half of life. Humans bury their dead fairly quickly so you rarely see it in all its bloody, gory, decaying nature. Animals just kind of drop dead where they die or decompose where they are killed. Sometimes they stink too. Ever go for a long bike ride in the country in the summer? Nothing smellier. Death is the other white meat (huh? what did that mean?). Most people either aren't living with their eyes open so they miss stuff that's dead (these are the people who step in dog shit). Or people are simply ignoring all the reality that is "dead stuff" because death frightens them; because they are denying their own death. Look around, you live in a world of dead. And, shit, wait till winter when the cold kills much stuff. Look around yourselves. Dead stuff isn't even in the middlespaces. It's right there.

Yes, I did luck upon the Sunday baptism down by the river side. Lucky me. That was indeed lucky. I mean, sure it was Sunday and I was by a river and all, but hell if I was expecting the drowning of sins or whatever. I just walked down to the Shepherdstown boat launch and saw this group of the faithful. Initially I believed that the accepting of Jesus was over for the day (because I immediately knew what was happening) but it was only just starting. Good for the converted and better for me.

Normally I'm a little bit skeptical and somewhat cynical about organized religion but these people weren't too overly freaky about it. There wasn't any speaking in tongues that I could hear, no snakes that I could see, no gowns, no crosses, no incense. They actually seemed quite pleasant, accepting, and somewhat diverse (for West Virginia). Lots of smiles and lots of happiness. Huh! Look at me, all accepting someone and their religion.

How did I get so lucky? Heaven knows. [C'mon, that was worth the wait]

Just a guess,