A Conversation Forwarded to Me

So this "Dan" and some so-called "Donna" were talking about me on the computers today. I got the FWD of the convo. My palms were all tingling (all of 'em) and my ears itching or some stupid superstitious nonsense for a reason! Here's the transcript:
Dan: Go to tyhardaway.com

Donna: What is that, some porn site?

Dan: It's Ty. He's got these cute freckles.

Donna: He's all about brand.

Dan: I know. Ty can never really get a "job," because . . .

Dan & Donna [unexpectedly simultaneously]: . . . Ty is Ty!

Donna: No one else like him.
Hey, I can get a job! I are entirely employable, sucka (save for the fact that I cannot write). What?! I'm looking for a job. I have leads! Besides, what is this if not work? Fuckers.