(With) Friends Like Dan

Dear Ty:

1. Why isn't "middlespace" defined on Wikipedia?

Middlespace - the interpretive manifestation of thoughts and ideas as expressed within the context of personal or intimate experiential journeys.
Thanks, Dan. Good question (and an even better observation). Dunno, maybe the Wiki folks don't think I'm 'widely known' enough or something. Can't say I haven't thought about it though, but I don't really know how that stuff gets up there. I'm not going to wrestle my mind over it too much.
2. Regarding "So this 'Dan' and some so-called 'Donna'" entry [clicky], too literal, man! Our in-unison "Ty can never really get a "job" was all about compliment, admiration, reflection of our recognition of one elevated above the rest of us, us [corporate work world]. Not "fuckers," "friends." (Plus I know what you do is "work" if the word must be applied somewhere.)

Ty can never get a job; he might get employed, but he will remain Ty, he will never become his employer -- that's something special. "He's all about brand." Right, not about an employer, a queue, a mindset; about Ty. But you know all this shit.

Sorry, "fuckers" was
meant to be all about compliment and admiration (now who's literal, 'eh?). "Fuckers" is the highest of compliments when used as a positive (well "motherfucker" is higher, but that's reserved for weddings and package delivery, "UPS is a motherfucker!"). Maybe you're just a racist and don't understand me or my people, Peter Dan.

Thanks, though! I appreciate that you think positively of me and my work and such. Shucks! I'm blushing (but you can't tell but I am, because you're probably a racist).

Mostly I was attempting
satire though, like the New York Elitist Democrat America-hating The New Yorker magazine, Barack. Also, remember that in this middlespace thing, as much as I get to build myself up, I get to knock myself down. I know you get it, I just forget that anyone reads the damn blog. Mostly, I'm amusing myself (like masturbation or iPhones or something).

I was never offended. I LOVE you (even though you're probably a racist).

Sorry, friend.