Today's Daily Quote of the Day (for Today)

Fuck Style

"Style is for people who've seen and tried it all. Formula is a form of structure, but it's a shabby, flimsy one. It's possible that the communicative aspects of the things I make suffer from a uncommitted presentation, but I prefer that risk to the self-flagellating that it would be for me to shove aside formats, approaches, ideas and imagery I hadn't tried or didn't specialize in for a certain kind of image I knew you or some other audience innately understood or expected.

You can make one kind of image for a long time, but the rich vernacular of that Look gets pulled apart and fucked and satisfied and sighs and something shiny, some other approach to portraits, saunters in. And who would you be not to chase it into the corner?

All the artists I love dabble and dip and bend where they're inclined. The more flexible, the better. I want you to know it's an image we've made by the approach to it, maybe, but I want it to look unfamiliar, strange."

- Rose of Rose & Olive