"Notes" From My Business Manager - Annotated


Hey buddy, what's up? It's Rick @ Forward/Slash Management. Hey, I thought I'd lay out some ideas for increasing your celebrity (not that you're not a #1 star in my book already). I don't endorse any of these these but I'm just brainstorming by email for Team Ty!

It's really wonderful when your manager brainstorms by email but doesn't endorse any of the suggestions. What does that even mean? It's so lame, I'm laughing aloud. I guess you have get paid somehow.
- Take a walk with Ty. Unedited audio of you going for a walk around your neighborhood to do chores or something. A regular thing. Sounds of the street and your camera clicking. An occasional shopkeeper. No one will listen to it but it will be a prominent link. (Maybe this is just my taste for the absurd).

I've been doing this forever. I have volumes of these tapes, minidisks, CDs, MP3 files. Who would ever listen to this stuff? I don't even know why I ever recorded them or save 'em. Absurd is right. Absurdly boring! Maybe it can be called, "Take a Walk on the Beach Holding Hands by Candlelight with Ty." Will consider.

- Something akin to Friends of Ty Hardaway(tm) but not such an direct rip off of Friends of Tom. Show some favoritism.

Really? Copy Tom? Again? Dave already ratted me out on the P'Odd-cast. It was about the most humiliating thing ever for Scharpling to berate me about this twice in two weeks. Plus, I'd have make cards and merch and stuff. consider.

- Start to organize content by day of week (a la Saturday workshop) so each day has some regular feature (Monday: I've Always Been So Awkward; Tuesday: Ask Todd..., blah blah blah).

A good idea. Maybe take into consideration. Will help plan weekly content. Will implement. I pay for this advice.

- Weekly "vlog" like Ze Frank. You feel me?

Video? That's work. Ze Frank edited his vids to the point where he never blinked. Maybe. Ze had talent. Ze knew what he was doing. To consider.

- Become a regular caller on a radio show. No schtick. Just be yourself and therefore be one of the host's favorite callers.

Nope. That means I'd have to listen to a radio show. Already had enough of the radio with Best Show. Nope.

- Bumper stickers (e.g., Ty Hardaway(tm) sez: Stop Making Babies!, Ty Hardaway(tm) sez: It takes a mope to make a mope!)

Bumper stickers? T-shirts weren't enough? Don't know if I really want "Ty Hardaway" and "Hitler Hates Me" paired for public consumption. Will consider variant.

- Consider a redesign of the blog - hire one of our web guys to organize all your online content under or something like that.

Funny my "business manager" wants to have his "web guys" do some work for me. I'd start it myself but I see that Forward/Slash already purchased the domain name. Maybe get Saty's brother to consult. Under implementation.

- Figure out when the first middlespace went online. It's got to be close to 10 years ago. Maybe just 8. I don't know. But plan a big 10 year celebration/retrospective.

Yes, eight years. Good to see I have management to look that up for me. Will two years.
Think big like: Tom Scharpling, Paul Frank, Nicole Richie

Good to know big Rick knows what I'm going for. Nicole Richie? C'mon. Good thing I signed a contract with a management firm. Why am I paying them to make me do more work? Can't Forward/Slash just tap into their "vast resources" and get me some sponsorship bread or something?

I'll email invoice in a minute.

Really? Thanks. I'll pay it when you make me some money, Rick.

Keep it sharp and remember, you da man, Todd! It's all upside from hear!!!

Todd?! Fucking Todd?! And "hear" does not = "here," Rick. Upside, baby. Upside. Oh, and I'm the man.

- Rick @ Forward/Slash Management
Fresno, California, USA