Mope Squad America! Maybe It's Me

Oh boy. I watched part of the Republican nominating convention last night. Oh boy is alls I can say. And don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily like the Democrats (nor am I a member of the Democratic party)--I find them to be fairly shallow and ineffective as a political power. But the Republicans? Oh boy.

I suppose that rhetoric is defined as "writing and speaking intended to persuade." So the Republicans are full of rhetoric. But in modern parlance, rhetoric is used more and more derogatorily. Criticism is a modern form of rhetoric. I guess what I present is rhetoric on rhetoric. So here goes.

Do Republicans actually believe the stuff that comes out of their mouths or is it just about the winning? Is there a bigger class of people who so loyally and blindly follow all their talking points lock-step? Do they, as individuals, even know what the hell they're saying, like the definitions of the words they repeat and such? Let me get this straight: the Republicans, during this election cycle, have called the Democrats sexist, elitist, and racist. As I said to Laura "Xanax" Bush on the TeeVee last night, "What up, kettle?" [think about it]

I mean, when the talking points come through the facsimile machines they are all over it, man. They hate liberals. They hate Democrats. They hate science. They hate hearing that they are wrong even when they totally know it. As Garrison Keillor (celebrity elitist liberal racist woman-hater) said:
"The cynicism is staggering to a normal person."
Maybe it's me. I'll even go as far as considering that the problem may be me. Maybe I'm the one who's both delusional and just Palin plain wrong. Maybe I'm the one who is sexist, elitist, and racist. Maybe I dreamed that every word out of John "No Change" McCain's mouth nowadays is like 180 degrees opposite what he just said in the recent, documented, past. Maybe there really are unicorns and dragons. Maybe evolution never happened. Maybe America is indeed the very center of the universe. Maybe heaven awaits. Maybe we really live in The Matrix.

Naw. They're just fucking nuts!

If I had one thing to tell the Republican faithful, one thing to impart, it would be:
Stop being such willing suckers for such an obvious power-hungry propaganda machine. I'm not saying who you should vote for or anything (I don't really care), but it's just sad, embarrassing and pathetic to watch so many people being used so maliciously. Don't you know you're coming across as a complete rube who can't even think for yourself? Grow up.
It almost makes me want to be a Republican politician. Democrats are dumb and weak. Republicans are crazy and evil.