Saturday Workshop & Sunday Worship: Backlogging

The Set Up:
Oy vey! We are at the very end of the 2008 fiscal year here at Middlespace Industries of America (2009 FY begins FY October 1) and boy are thing hectic. Here's what's on my plate to complete before the auditors storm the village:
  • I have "Oh Face" to ponder.
  • I have a birthday party for a one-year-old to attend.
  • I have 16 weekend emails from Rich to consider (dude was on fire and Sunday just begun).
  • I have Track 10 from Log in to finish (principal recordings finished) plus art.
  • I have a backlog of 46 images to sort, process, and post (culled from a shoot of 200).
  • I have shooting today (which only will increase the backlog above).
  • I have visitors in the house to spoil and entertain.
  • I have Ask Ty questions to answer.
  • B has a half day tomorrow and Rosh Hashanah off from school (so little work time).
  • I'm having lunch with Chuck on Wednesday (first day of new FY).
  • Volunteering at the B's school on Thursday.
  • I have Mope Squad to write.
  • Lily and Big Dave Wave are AWOL (independently).
  • Mark & Gi want to have drinks and laugh (not San Diego Mark although I look forward to drinks with the professor).
  • I have teeth to pull.
The Punch Line:
And instead of doing any work, I'm posting this silly task list. Not that I'm complaining but it's like draining blood from a rose.