End Game: Sarah Palin

Ha-ha! I just knew that Sarah Louise Heath Palin's free ride wouldn't last long. Apparently Barry Oh!® knew it too. So he just played it cool (even though every liberal and so-called progressive absolutely freaked over polling numbers from the past two weeks). It's like Barry and Joe didn't even take that shit seriously. "Sarah who? Really? Oh that Sarah, the one who made the bad reference to a "second holocaust" today. Whatevs...she's ignorant...we got America to run."

When you're that weak, you bury yourself:
"McCain's other problem is that Sarah Palin may no longer be an asset to the ticket; in fact, she may be a liability. Averaging the candidates' favorability scores across four recent polls -- as one should always try and do when looking at favorability numbers since they can vary greatly depending on question wording -- Palin now has the worst net scores among the four principals in the race." [clicky]
Now liberals and so-called progressives here's a freebee: Stop talking about that kook. I don't want to hear her name anymore. Can't we get past that Harriet Meiers shit? Her self-destruct fuse is already lit. Let her do it herself. Just pull up a lawn chair and have a seat on the freshly mowed field and just watch.

When are you going to learn to take your cues from Mopey McHopey? He's got it going on...all smarter-than-you elitist community organizer and shit.

The end.