Ask Ty...September 16

Q: Dear Ty,

I'm bored of 2/3's of the things I look at regularly on the world wide internet. Can you recommend three or two things that I can incorporate into my daily web-looking (or blooking) and thus learn to love the information super-highway again?


-Tapped out in Cyberspace

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Tapped. The internets is a vast and wondrous place; a place for a variety of purposes. Entertainment seems to be yours. I don't know if I can help save your marriage to the "net" but I might lead you to some pleasure.

I know of several "Web Sites" that you might be interested in that are made by people I know but I'll exclude people I know as well as my very own world wide site web contributions from recommendations. I'll also exclude sites with pay content. I'll also exclude all pornography.

Keep in mind I've done no study of what is good or bad or what is of your taste. I'm just going to tell you some of the places I blook that you might not. So, Tapped, add these to your Achewoods, Street Boners, and your Arts & Letters (pssst! Vice is sooo dead) - pick three or two, your choice:
Blognigger - I think it's just terrific.
Harper's - Nobody gave it a chance of success. Now it's the baddest libertarian on the webs. If you need my password for archives, let me know.
William Lamson - Is pretty good until you see and internalize all his work. But that may be the nature of the web. It may not be a place for daily looking but more for catching and releasing. A place for affairs not unions.
Hype Machine - You can look for and listen to musics.
WFMU archives - Hello, retard?
And there's always places to catch up with like: Wooster Collective, Found, Shoot the Messenger, and the ever-reliable The Onion.
But if all else fails, go here and get lost (so I lied): [clicky]

Just a guess,



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