A Generalized Contentment

[Start: "Ground on Down" from Fight for Your Mind]

As some of you have noticed I have been crazy ass busy with creative project work for a good while (sounds and sights and a bunch of words that make no sense to anyone 'cept me). That is a very good thing; to find that groove and follow it.

My advice to creative people who forget things: when you get on "a roll" ride that shit out, yo! It's way too easy to use or manufacture excuses to not execute the ideas in your head (and it's just weak to blame a busted string or no left channel audio or something). Take it from me and as eloquently elaborated upon in 1996 by Richert Pall Warkling: "When in doubt, ride it out." OK, I made up the "when it doubt" part but it fit. Sue me! Since when am I listening to you anyway?

Also, I've been meaning to note this: heck if I'm not as generally content as I've ever been in a long ass time. I'm not declaring "happiness" or "satisfaction" or anything like that. I'm saying that there is "general contentment." That's a good thing since I could be the usual miserable prick bastard tomorrow, right?

But this wave I've been surfing for most of September may be about to crash (is that appropriate surfing lingo? "Crash" -- do waves crash at the end? But they start all over again, right? Shit, I found a metaphor). What I mean is the intense level of concentration and hyperefficiency and execution I've been fortunate enough to experience recently may soon flatten. That's the way it is. So be it. That's life, kids. Enjoy the time

But instead of the usual fear that "It's Over!" I find relief. Relief and good fortune. I'm lucky. I have a feeling of "General Contentment." It's starting to feel more natural after all these years.

Enjoy your weekend, mopes! [Ed. note: Just booked lunch with Chuck on Wed. Hurray! I can go downtown for adventures!]

[End: "God Fearing Man" from Fight for Your Mind]