Mope Ask Squad Ty America

I know (and I told you) that things would be hectic this week [clicky]. But we're almost back to business as usual. Tomorrow begins our new fiscal year. Hurray for the new fiscal year (What's going on in the world anyway? Are we "bailed out" yet? Is Obama bin Biden president yet? What's Blognigger doing? I've been doing alt-other stuff today and yesterday).

I'll try to get to the big A.T. question-in-queue and some "mope squad" tonight (we'll see what's on the TeeVee first) if not, schedule returns Wednesday, October 1, 2008 (that's tomorrow).

FYI October: It's all-Nikon all-manual month (insert obligatory theme month caveat here). I'm putting the Canon away tonight...for the month (and will try to refrain from iPhone pics here). Ha! And it's my birthday month (I'll post wish list later but in plenty of time for the 24th).

Happy new year! I give the "theme" two weeks to stick.