Here's What's Funny (in politics today)

So a couple of nights ago we got an automated broadcast ("robocall") on the landline at home. I know, landline right? Anyway, we get a number of calls even though we're on the No Call thingy. The majority lately have been scam "reduce your interest rate" mortgage related (not my mortgage) and political. Obama calling. Clinton Bill and Hillary. I think Kerry called for money too. All recordings.

But this call a couple of nights ago was from Tom Feeney urging me to cast my absentee/early ballot. Hey, great that's cool Mr. Representative Feeney. Uh, except Mr. Representative Feeney (a scurvy Republican) is from Florida's 24 district. Orlando. Yikes!

OK, so it was some accident or something. Maybe a glitch. Maybe an accident. You know.

Last night, guess who (robo)called? Charlie Crist. Yeah, Uncle Charlie, "the people's governor." Crist is Florida's first openly gay Republican governor. Uncle Charlie is Big Dave Wave's governor. Yeah, Crist called my house. What the hell? I'm not even kidding either. One call may be an accident. Two? A conspiracy. And nothing smells of conspiracy like Repbulicans.

I know it take time to rig an election, but doesn't it seem that Election Rigging Season begins a little earlier every year? I mean, hell, it's still September. Something weird is going on, I'm sure. I'll show up to vote in November and they'll all be like, "Shit, nigga, it says here you live in Florida. Says yo ass moved back in September." Just watch.

Speaking of something weird, what gives with John McCain "suspending" his campaign to work on the economy? Huh? Some press is calling this some sort of "gamble" of a move that "just might pay off." Huh? Sorry, he just comes across as desperate, chickenshit, or ill prepared. So good...Letterman all going after him. People questioning his ability to focus on more than one thing. Calling him to the carpet about his Maverick-ness. Note: McCain has not "suspended" his fundraising. Just thought I'd point that out.

Ahhh, speaking of ill, Rich's guess is: "...and it's probably not an original one. McCain has to have surgery on Friday."

Oh true. Surgery. That makes so much sense because John McCain is old and sick all the time now. And remember folks, his VP candidate, Sarah Palin, the woman whom would be "a heartbeat away" "from the button" is a crazy, wingnut, religious cult freak from Alaska who thinks that the word is flat and that god rested on Sunday to watch hockey. She thinks that the body is filled with blood like a bottle.

So, yeah...of course Election Rigging Season is starting earlier. What the fuck was I so surprised about?