Ask Ty...September 23

It must be Tuesday, Middlespacers, because I'm answering your questions

Q: Dear Ty,

Who's more famous now, Perry Farrell or Dave Navarro?


-Harder Question Than You Realize

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, HQTYR. Wow! On the surface both appear to be totally washed-up and sold-out. Total victims of their own celebrity, drug use, and played-0ut act. That is, they've each honed a persona twenty to thirty years ago and have done everything they could (and spent a ton of bread) to lock in and be that particular act. So sad.

Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro. Geez, where to start? Here's where to start. Navarro is a great guitarist. He was great for Jane's and wonderful for one RHCP record. Seriously. Navarro, when he's not playing music, tries to act. He gets in terrible movies and rotten TeeVee. He's a star. He's famous. His music (post-One Hot Minute) has fallen off of a cliff in terms of quality and marketability. His music sucks and he's selfish.

Perry Farrell, when he's not making good to incredible music (distinction from "playing" music) is trying to save humans in Africa and protect our environment. Perry's music is all over the place. After Porno For Pyros (pretty good shit) he's been pretty inside his own head (which isn't necessarily bad, but just not accessible to many). His music is weird and he's selfless (to the point of gullible).

But to answer your question (and observation), HQTYR, Dave Navarro (1,250,000 Google results) is easily the most famous rock star now. He's on the TeeVee and the tabloids and gets in scraps with Johnny Law. Perry Farrell (461,000 Google results) is easily the more important former member of Jane's Addiction (and don't think for a minute that I'm basing my Ask Ty answer on Google hits, but it's data and I'm a scientist, dammit!). Perry is dedicated to doing good. Dave is spending his money on scabies cream.

Q: Dear Ty,

How is it you "released" an album that you're not even finished making?


-Baffled in Texas

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, BiT. It's done in my head.

Just a guess,



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