Mope Squad America! Goat Eat Sushi (w/ Nerds & Musical Annotation)

[Music set to "shuffle" > Play]

["The New Pollution" - Beck] Well, well, well. Aren't all us elitists watching our money very closely today? And I'm not referring to the $21 in your pocket, I'm talking about our virtual money institutions and investments that are not necessarily insured by the FDIC. Stocks and shit. Boy, banks are falling. Or is it failing when you write of banks? Dunno. Anyhow, shit is hitting the proverbial fan, man. It's not a "market correction" that we've heard about so many times, we're toppling dominoes. Lehman and Merrill alone could cripple 85% of the cocaine and escort market in NYC as the harm trickles downward. This depression isn't so "great."

I called it that when EatZis goes out of business we were in for economic peril. I call trademark on that shit.

["The Wind Cries Mary" - Jimi Hendrix] And now the federal government is nearing powerlessness. We-the-people cannot bail out every financial institution and foundation corporation because Bush and Cheney spent all the bread. Tried to gamble Social Security too. Bandits! Fucking train-robbing robber barons. Now we're dumb and broke.

["Bug" - Phish] I suppose the government pragmatists are all chanting, "we told you so" (and the moral pragmatists are chanting, "Drill, baby, Drill!" - those fucking idiots) like there's some great relief that somebody was right and somebody was wrong. Our government is a mess. Our financial institutions are a mess. We just have to get along.

Here's your Code Orange Terror alert: No money = no defense of the homeland. We'll all be beating the invaders back with dowels and stones and unused Aeron chairs. Hurling Toyota Prius' at Russian tanks. President Palin all saying "Thanks but no thanks" to North Korea. Senator Obama all chanting, "we told you so!" Todd Palin pooping his pants. Bristol on the internets. The future is a motherfucker (attribute quotation to Ty Hardaway, September 15, 2008 in Web Blog).

["Pilot Can At The Queer of God" - The Flaming Lips] But today I refuse to get baited into politics. I'm just way too annoyed by the politics. I haven't even read much political news or commentary today. It's just too upsetting.... I shall look down my elitist nose at it all. Ha! I'll look down on the elitists too.

Goat Eat Sushi!

["Turbulence" remix - Deltron 3030] Oy, so I went to get some sushi for lunch. I was having the crave and needed some fish, salt, rice, and ginger. The tea was "green."

["Blues For Sister Someone" - Lenny Kravitz] I was lucky enough to sit next to some nerds. And by "nerds" I'm not being derisive. I'm being literal. Nerds. Geeks. You know, a group of friends who work at some government computer lab or one of my biotech neighbors? Nice fellas. All seem trustworthy and smart in that numbers and symbols kind of way, but nerds nonetheless. So I decided to listen to what nerds talk about at lunch. Here it is:
• ["Mama's Trippin'" - Ben Harper] The first topic was Tina Fey/Amy Poehler as Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton on SNL [clicky]. As one of the nerds was describing the skit (in comical Sarah H.L. Palin voice), another nerd arrived just a hair late to the conversation. Nerd two asked, "Were Palin and Clinton were really on SNL?" I'm not fooling.

["Stand!" - Sly & The Family Stone] Some silence segued into quite a long transitional discussion about internet video players and sites. The quality of Hulu was compared with that of YouTube (both dot coms). All "HD Quality" and other terms of modernity. Some terms I didn't understand....

• Then one nerd presented a long tale about political fundraising totals from the month of August. He set up the punch with how the Republicans had raised a record amount in August due to Palin's superstardom. He went on and on then paused with the punch which went something like this:

["Under My Thumb" - The Rolling Stones] "Well, the Republicans raised like forty something thousands...and they were all touting it as a major breakthrough...then the Democrats released their was like sixty-six thousands."

Is this how nerds express millions? As as some weird thousands? No. So another nerd jumped in with a smooth (for a nerd) nerd save, "Yeah, $66 million was a record for any political month even adjusting for inflation." Sweet save. But a third nerd, and I swear to god he said this, jumps in with, "It's like the Wii and Playstation 3; the Republicans will never catch up." They all laughed to this. Genius. There's your freebee campaign slogan, Obama camp: "We are Wii. They are Playstation 3!" Damn Japanese Muslims.

["B-Beat Classic" (Airwaves Interlude Mix) - Steinski] <-- It's short. • ["Brothers Gonna Work It Out" - Public Enemy] Then the next transition was to how the government is like a real Big Brother. There was much discussion about Orwell's 1984 and the parallels or our reality until one nerd got stuck on trying to remember what the book's censorship chamber was called. "C'mon? 'Memory Hole' right? Wasn't it 'Memory Hole'? C'mon!" Yes, my awesome nerd-friend, it was Memory Hole.

["Hours" (El-P Remix) - TV On The Radio] Of course there was the usual banter comparing Firefox vs. IE7, Google's back end and some dominant macros or something. Guh! Apparently something called "Gecko" is "faster but a little bit bloated." Who knew?
["Found a Job" - Talking Heads] Then there was really long uncomfortable silence. No one talked for a full 30 seconds. No small talk, no giggles. No eating. Just silence and looking off into respective space. But, it apparently wasn't uncomfortable for my nerd friends (maybe they've been here before?). Literally 30 seconds. So I got spooked and left.

  • ["Mr. Me Too" - Clipse]
  • ["Out Ta Get Me" - Guns N' Roses]
  • ["Ohio Riverboat Song II" - Will Oldham]
  • ["Look On" - John Frusciante]
  • ["Wayne's Pet Youngin'" - Ween]
  • ["Burn One Down" - Ben Harper]
  • ["Jigsaw Falling Into Place" - Radiohead]