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Warning--headphones only

----------- half two - the reconstruction -----------

the end --> Track 10 Here: [soon] <-- the end
Track 09 Here: [soon]
Track 08 Here: [soon]
Track 07 Here: [soon]
Track 06 Here: [clicky]

----------- half one - the deconstruction -----------

Part 05 here:
Part 04 here: [clicky]
Part 03 here: [clicky]
Part 02 here: [clicky]
the beginning --> Part 01 here: [clicky] <-- the beginning

[Ed. note: As with all things new and wonderful, the reconstruction now has begun. It's autumn after all.

I know! Another record. What the hell, huh? But, you can't stop a cat from scratching the furniture, right? It's my nature to make things. This instinct goes back to small times; making things. Ha-ha!

Well, I'm on the uphill side of this wolverine. We'll see what comes from it. If you want to send audio or image files, please do. But let me know they're coming so I can be ready. But, the train is out of the bottle. Nobody's gonna wait around for your asses.]