Political Correctness and the Angry Black Men of America

Oy Vey, where to start?
“I think they ought to be just honest about it and stop the nonsense about, ‘I look out my window and I see Russia and so therefore I know something about Russia. That kind of thing is insulting to the American people.”

- Chuck Hagel on Sarah Palin's "fitness" for president
That Chuck Hagel is all pissed at something or somebody. He sounds angry, that Chuckles. I wasn't even going to write about politics today. Well that may not be entirely true (I cannot see Russia from my window but I can see my neighbor, Martha's, house) because I was going to write about Political Correctness; everything from the "Angry Black Man" to the use of the word "retard" in mainstream vernacular. So since the word "politic" appears in "political" I guess I can talk politics today.

Sarah Palin is retarded. No, not cognitively diminished or possessing a low I.Q., but the entire notion that this lightweight disaster of an extremist was elevated into this position of.... Oh, see? Now I sound angry. And unlike Hagel or Keith Olbermann or the late Billy Martin an angry black man is problematic and an angry white man is bold, forceful, and full of heart. Bill O'Reilly can rant for days and be all angry and lying all over the place and that's just fine. But let a black man ask a question or be honest or confused and he's suddenly an Angry Black Man (ABM). And if said black male mixes irony, sarcasm, or well-picked's over like Dover.
"So Obama is damned if he performs his black anger too fiercely -- that would give biased people the impression that he's an "angry black man" or worse, an extremist, and therefore unelectable. But now he has to face criticism from the left because he's not performing his anger -- a specifically black, unreal variety of anger, remember -- in the correct measure."

- James Hannaham, "Obama and the Rules for Angry Black Men," Salon
Amen. I so totally know. Don't let me get slighted or agitated or annoyed because I may have to feel like a person slighted or agitated or annoyed (you know, normal shit) and, to top it off, become some sort of scary raging violent nigger too: he's so angry! So, instead of being normally agitated or annoyed, I have to become more of a characterature of a snobby, rich, elitist, dick. More lecturing and looking down my nose and deserving than normal, simple agitated or angry (yep, like this post, right?).

Anyway, Sarah Palin is so retarded, she's fucking gay [Ed note: just how funny is that statement?]. The Republicans, as a party ideology, is totally cancerous and Tasmanian! Oh, am I not being P.C. again? Oops. Sorry Tasmania. My bad. Word.

Oy vey, where to end?