Culture Wars 2008 - Guest Post + Notes

"Chevy Chase on Tina Fey/Sarah Palin:
"I'd like her to go even harder. I want her to decimate this woman.... Just unbelievable to me that this woman is running for vice-president."
People are going to give Chevy Chase shit for this. I'm going to go one step further. I want her to destroy this woman. I want everyone to destroy this woman. In my opinion, the best case scenario is that Sarah Palin becomes so despondent by the revealing of her hypocritical character that she trains her shotgun on her family and ends her own life in a murder-suicide during the three hours of Alaskan daylight available on election day. That may sound like a bit much, but underneath all this cheer is a heart full of hate collectively responsible through guilt-by-tax-paying for the death and torture of tens of thousands of brown people over the past eight years. Mopey McHopey may still be a Politician and may still bend me over the barber chair once he's in office, but I'm sick and tired of this conservative bullshit. Someone needs to put a heel on the throat of these shameless hypocrites."

-Eastern Elitist

Under the guise and flag of being "real" U.S. Americans these shameless hypocrites in the weirdo ultra-conservative corner have nearly destroyed this great country via bankruptcy, sorcery, and humiliation. Indeed they have played brilliantly for far too long by getting everyday IQ of 90 mopes to somehow have faith that their great swindle plan was somehow in the best interest of Small Town Traditional Values (white) America). Meanwhile the intellectual class sat around and analyzed that they were somehow above it all all, theoretically, vis-a-vis soy latte--my ass!

Now all the money is gone and the petroleum wars have begun. We find none of the boogymen they promised we could keep at bay with duct tape and plastic sheeting. We just have empty pockets and the sting on our cheeks from the constant slapping of lies upon lies upon lies.

Eight years of the disgrace of Bush-Cheney and it is even viable that Sarah Louise Heath Palin has a fucking voice in the National Dialogue? Seriously? There comes a time to just say, "shut the fuck up!"

There is no more liberal vs. conservative or blue state vs. red state or Republicans vs. Democrats. There is only logic vs. bullshit and truth vs. hypocrisy. Senator McCain and Sarah Palin just shut the fuck up you shameful liars.