Early 5-track (p)reviews of "Log in today" by the Kingdom of Leisure:

1. "[I listened] Once, then pause, then on a loop for a couple of hours. Three of my highest compliments:
  1. You know what you're doing
  2. You know what I like
  3. You could fuck to it
So well produced too. I'm jealous."

2. "Remember, back in the stone ages, back before your daughter was born, when you'd finish recording, then you'd have to spend the next 6 Tuesdays with Frank Brown mixing the album, then make an appointment a month later to go to Annapolis and master the album, then send it to Oasis and get it 3-6 weeks later and then mail it to people in CD format?

You probably finished Track 6 this morning and I just listened to it on my iPhone."

[Ed. note: I started Track 6 this morning (artwork too). Today is a long way from ten years ago.]