Mope Squad America! Holy Cow

"Look, I'm an armchair genius. We've long ago established that.

And the Democrats are retards. That too is self evident. Once again I will explain what they need to do to win what should be an unloseable election.

All Democrats should pepper their talking points with mentions of John McCain's "erratic behavior" and such. Just gently and subtlely, like a concerned relative.

Seed the meme that he's lost it.

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No shit. I woke up this morning and the "bailout deal" was dead, my mortgage company had been seized by the federal government and sold to another bank, my debate watching schedule had been disrupted, David Letterman was still slinging mud hurling shit, Katie Couric had had a nervous breakdown from interviewing you know who, the great great depression began, Sarah Palin was exposed for what she is (fucking coo coo for Cocoa Puffs), and the president (Bush Jr.) wept on the TeeVee because he wants all his rich friends to stay rich even though he was the captain of this Exxon Valdez (drunk reference intentional) and fucked everything up.

Jesus! What the fuck is going on anymore?! This is the craziest moment that I can remember for a very long time...since Nixon's resignation, since Gulf War I, since the impeachment of Billy Bob Clinton. Since the space shuttle exploded. Twice! I ask again, what the hell?

Oh, one thing stayed the same: John Walnuts McCain is fucking batty with brain craziness. That dude's a kook. And no, let's not be subtle about it like we're concerned relatives. Let's tell it like it is like we're weirded out neighbors: John McCain has totally lost it. John McCain is crazy. If I see John McCain walking toward me on the sidewalk, I will cross the street and put my purse on the other side. John McCain is scarier than Omar Little but without the sympathy.

Here's your meme: Barack Obama --This is the new sane America.