A Sweet Devious Look at New Orleans

"You've heard this before. Shit, you hold the master [tape]*. But maybe others would like to hear a 30 minute audio snapshot of New Orleans during a week in 2002. This, as usual, is not sitting at the computer and listening material. It's laying down, dark room, late at night with the 'phones, it's hearing what I heard those years ago, with microphones in my ears, roller skating from one end of the quarter to the other, nature's mix, few overdubs. I was there. So can you too be."

- Big Dave Wave

A Sweet Devious Look is here: [clicky]
Big Dave Wave lived in the Quarter for a while. A a sweet scene. I visited. In fact, the tagline from 2002-2007's Middlespace Live blog is from that scene, "You can come over to my place Tuesday evening. I'm on Royal and Barracks." The quiet eighth of the quarter. And let me emphasize, this is pre-Katrina New Orleans. That's important. Vegetarian restaurants and sweet smoke.

Here are some shots from that 2002 work-funded visit. New Orleans, to me, was all about the dark, about what happened at night. The best memory though was sitting on Dave's balcony willing lighting to strike simultaneous to my shutter being open:

* I hold a lot of people's masters. But I will never do package delivery. Not UPS nor FedEx.