Guest Post: Rich from Berkeley

1) The An Appreciation Thread:

I'm going to say that So Many Windows live by Bruised Orange [and here: clicky] is the best mono recording of the decade. Damn we settle in. Imagine if we played together as a group more than once. ONCE!
2) The Annual Awards Thread:
TY: [wife] won Pancreas of the Year award.
RICH: Must not be a lot of competition in the Pancreas of the Year category.
TY: No shit...she sweeps every year, it seems.
[Eds. note: Okay, just drop that and keep on walking. Oh that? Nothing.]


From Ty: Do this. Take a step back, Rich. Not just from these two items. Take a breath then take one giant step back. Look around.... Oh! Our shit. Our EMPIRE. Everything we've done or touched in the last dozen years? Gold. What the fuck, dude? What. The. Fuck?

And we just keep on walking. Oh that? Nothing.