We Get the Art We Deserve

"Pity, while a temptation (even the final or most powerful temptation) to the higher man, was primarily the preserve of lower ones. These, Nietzsche dared to think, wallowed in it as swine do in mud, their pity for others being indistinguishable from their pity for themselves. This preoccupation with pity, the modern epidemic (which, as Nietzsche says, glancing at Schopenhauer, “has made even philosophers sick”), was the sign of a declining life form, an anesthetic for incurable sufferers. It pointed the way toward the last man, who would feel nothing and long for nothing."

I've been thinking about "transformation" lately. Transformation meaning fundamental and quantitative personal or organizational change. Sea change change. Real and permanent change. Here are some thoughts.

I'm guessing that transformation methods that result in completely new paradigms that are positive, beneficial, and logical isn't some dumb business/consulting concept or self-help quackery. Change isn't magic. Change is the result of diligence, concentration, and resolve. Transformation is work. We own our existences and, thus, must pay our own dues.

How do things change though? How is change executed? Is there a formula for transformation?

The process has to be simple; it has operate vis à vis a pre-determined sequence. This sequence, however, should contain no more than five steps that are easy to remember (like an acronym, mnemonic or other "memory" device). Fundamentally, any one step in a formula should be fairly easy to execute (or simply easy to reference) without regard to the whole.
F - Fend for self -- dependency burdens, find appropriate balance (i.e., no company can depend on one supplier)
O - Outlaw distractions -- and police with diligence (our ADHD culture breeds chaos)
C - Concentrate on vision -- goals are important, set and plan (ah!)
U - Unlearn bad habits -- the trickiest aspect but most important (ah! #2)
S - Strength is mental and physical -- strength is not conceptual (blah-blah/rah-rah)
Okay, see that word "vision"? In red? That is the hard part. Individuals and organizations must have a idea of where it/they want to be. The vision must be created first. Before any of this, we must figure out what we are trying to do. The other steps are simply reinforcements of the concept. Well, the unlearning of bad habits, is the part that holds transformation together.

Can we change ourselves? Can we change situations? Can we change organizations? Can we change the world? When Obama (Or No Change) mentions "change" what are is it all about?
When people say, "Oh I can change," what does that mean?

Dunno. Let me think on it more.