Ask Ty...June 21

Q: How do you know when a "chapter" is over?

- Christine

Ty: Good question and an even better observation.

I just know. When I either tire of or become annoyed of a concept and have a difficult time pushing a concept forward, it's time to kill it. Sometimes it's when a new or better concept comes to light and I'm eager to move forward with that. In this instance the black & whites were depressing me in light of so much color in the world and pictures like this: [clicky]. I just felt suck in mud and needed to move on; somewhere. I'm not sure what's next though.

I have to develop a formula and focus on that formula.

Sorry it's so abrupt so many times. But when the "chapters" are folded into book form, it might make more sense.

I just know though.

Just a guess,