The Hardest Poem

This is the hardest poem to
to write - I know

Because I am cognizant that
My work will fall upon

Deaf ears and into the laps
and minds of those distracted by ways
Too absorbed in cog-dom

And who will persecute?
For advocacy falls beyond
the contrivance of artifice

But hard or not
I create
Because I cannot stop
believing in the beauties
of short, short lives

This is the hardest poem
to write - I know

Because try as one might
I can no longer change things

Moments of mystical charisma
Set long ago as the suns of yesterdays
It's midnight in the kingdom

And why should anyone bother, anyway?
For as much as I've designed it
to be for and about, it's no longer mine

But hard or not
I soldier onward
Because I have something left
whether face-to-face
or into voids

This is the hardest poem
to write - I know

Because although no one hears
There are records to complete (and maintain)

In accordance to all the
unwritten laws that govern human interaction
With or without juried review
by one's so-call peers

And how does the story unfold?
For willing it to stop
has never been the least bit effective

But hard or not
Days unfurl
Because that's just the nature
of all things without regard
for wealth or health or agenda