Guest Post: Science - UPDATE

I just conducted a scientific survey of blogs and blogging. By clicking [Blogger's] 'next blog' until I got bored, I compiled the following results:
1) 71% of bloggers are blogging exclusively about their children
2) 9% of them are blogging from the perspective of their children (e.g., Here's a photo of me and my dad!) despite the fact that their children are too young to talk, write, or care about blogs (creepy)
3) 44% of photos that appear in blogs have been taken before
3) 108% of bloggers can't spell
- RP

Note: I think "blogging" sucks. It's stupid and it's retarded. Stupid-retarded. I am not a blogger (or a musician or a photographer or a writer). I hate blogging. I do not blog. These "blogs" that I maintain are a small part of something else. It's supportive. If you've not figured it out you too are stupid-retarded.
------------- UPDATE -------------

Oh, yeah, people who are sooooo into their children make me vomit in my mouth which is really gross since I'm drinking yerba mate, but yeah, that shit's the poorest. Now don't give me crap about my child-posts. She creates her own art. I'm just passing it on.

And the people who write in their child's voice for some reason? What gives there? I had this one mom RSVP to a party via email in this whole it's-from-the-child voice thing. My reply? "I'll forward this to B's account." When next I saw her she thought it was so "cute" that I replied that way. I was all, "Oh, I did forward it to her account. She has two." 'Nuff said. She does, actually.