Four Things That Are Very Good and Totally Worth It

1) Reading: "The Itch" > Atul Gawande/The New Yorker > [clicky]

2) Music: "What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective" > Steve "Steinski" Stein > [clicky]

3) News: "Economists at the investment bank predict that motorists will see the price of gas rise to $7 per gallon within two years, a 75 percent increase.

The run-up in prices will cause a dramatic change in American driving behavior, the report said...predicted that by 2012, there would be roughly 10 million fewer cars on U.S. roads than there are today." > ABC News > [clicky]

4) Miscellany: Ty Hardaway™ > Middlespace > [clicky]