Damn GTI

So I'm driving home with the B. And circumstances brought us the route we were driving. And I'm all distracted in my brain by circumstances. And I notice that cars driving in the opposite of us are driving r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I'm all, WTF? and stuff. I notice that drivers are looking at me; hanging out of their windows and staring and such. All in kind of a slow motion.

Then I see a police officer standing in my lane. Directly before me. "Yikes!" I said.

Damn GTI. Goes to fast. Machine's fault. Ticket VW, not me.

He says I was doing 47 in a 30. He says it was technically in front of a fire station and double fine and points (whatever that means). But I got him laughing and he wrote it for 39 in a 30, no points. He wouldn't have written it but he had already started the ticket. So nine miles over is the lowest ticket he could write. I should have worked the charm earlier.

Weird charisma. I went from $320 and two points (whatever that means) to $80.

I love me. And you should to.

[J. Giles Freeze Frame was playing.]

Damn GTI.