Guest Post: The Story of Life (Where The Mind Goes...)

From the overnight emails:
Begin Scene

A white, sunburned couple is having sex in a cheap, small, dusty, ecru hatchback of Eastern European origin with tan, vinyl interior on a road pull-out on a steep cliff on the side of a mountain in the desert.

Everything is a shade of beige. Skin, pebbles, hill, cliff, car, sky.

The sex is comical - body parts slapping against glass, smearing sweat against windows. The man is eager and excitable. The woman is sedate and distracted.

A man, dressed in all white with a red kerchief around his neck, as one wears in Pamplona, approaches the car from the road, squats, and tries to lift the car to tip it over the side of the cliff. He is joined by many other men dressed similarly and they lift the car onto two wheels. They argue inscrutably. Dust rises.

The white man in the car is alternately concerned about being pushed off a cliff and concerned about losing the opportunity to have sex. The woman is sedate and distracted.

A single, Vietnamese stereotype in black pajamas and straw hat rushes in as the man in the red kerchief had before. He is joined by other identically dressed people who flow on screen as the men in red kerchiefs flow out of frame like water. The man in the car remains concerned and persistent. The woman remains distracted. The men in black pajamas fail to tip the car.

The cliff separates from the road and hill in the shape of a diamond. A single man in black holds to the bottom point of the diamond-shaped, separated section of cliff. The others each hold to the foot of the man in front of them like the tail of a kite. The cliff flies through the air as a kite ascending as the sex becomes more vigorous, descending as it becomes less so.

End Scene